Vinland Saga

Manga Review of Vinland Saga

Manga Review of Vinland Saga
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Vinland saga is a historical manga written by Makoto Yukimura which started in 2005.

Summary of the manga Vinland Saga

When Askeladd, a nordic ruler, cowardly kills Thorfinn’s father, he swears to kill him. He will then travel years in his company so to get a shot at killing him in a formal duel. In the meantime, the king of Denmark decides to invade England and calls all his warriors to war, including askeladd’s clan. Thorfinn will then find himself on the battlefield at a very young age, determined to keep his promise to kill his father’s assassin.

My opinion on the manga Vinland Saga

Bahind all the blood and action lies a more profound story. Vinland saga is a reflection on life. That’s why this manga is well-targeted for so many people. The drawings are detailed, the historic reality is followed and the story never misses to amaze you with twists that will blow your mind. Do not worry you will still find soma mange-type clichés in it, so you will not be lost. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this manga as much as I did.