Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

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Tokyo magnitude 8.0 is an anime of 11 episodes by Masaki tachina and Natsuko Takahashi, broadcasted during the summer of 2009. This is the story of a brother and a sister, trying to reach their parents after an earthquake.

Tokyo magnitude 8.0

Summary of the anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0:

Mirai Onosawa cannot cope with her parents anymore. They are never home, always asking her to deal with everything, without taking her wishes into considerations, like taking some vacations. So she wishes for everything to just vanish. And it does. An earthquake of a magnitude of 8.0 happens under the sea near Tokyo. She wants to escape but Mirai left her brother in the bathroom of a robot exposition they just were in. She has to find him before anything else.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

My opinion on the anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0:

This is an amazing anime. It succeeds to make you feel the character’s feelings, which is rare enough for these kind of production. Fatality plays a big role in it. Young characters are faced with difficult questions about life and deaths that they don’t know how to process yet. Tokyo magnitude 8.0 is not full of clichés, and if you want to watch something with a soul, something to change from all these mecha/romance animes, then I recommend it.