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Manga review of Love Hina

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Love Hina is a manga by Ken Akamatsu, author of  A.I. Love YouMagical Teacher Negima! and now UQ Holder! published from  1998 to 2001

Summary of the manga Love Hina:

Keitaro Hurashima, 20 years, is a total looser. He failed twice to Tokyo University entrance exams, the best university in japan. He never had a girlfriend before, and his parents just kicked him out. When he arrives at his grandmother’s hotel, thinking he is going to stay a few days, he realizes it has been transformed in a girl’s lodging. Because he is clumsy, Keitaro will run into a lot of complicated situation often including several nude girls, starting the day of his arrival.

These girls will eventually and reluctantly tolerate his presence and Keitaro is going to keep studying to fulfill his dream : to be accepted to Todai in order to keep a promise he made to a little girl 15 years ago…

Love HinaLove Hina first volume

My opinion on the manga Love Hina:

Love Hina is a very good manga to start reading some. It does not matter wether you are a guy or a girl, the author, Ken Akamatsu, was good enough to make one that both genders would like. If you like comedy and romance don’t go any further and start reading it now. Actually read it even if you do not like romance. This manga strangely goes beyong that.

At the end of the day, this manga is definitely one that is going to cheer you up. We all felt like Keitaro at some point in our life, and I think that is why it is so easy and nice a manga to read. It also is a great way to start learning about Japanese culture and a few Japanese cities as the author always inquire about the cities he is writing about.

“Goddammit, Su, we were getting along so fine! This is not a sci-fi manga!!”