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Anime Review of Beck

Anime Review of Beck
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Beck is a manga by Harold Sakuichi first published in the year 2000. It was adapted in an anime from 2004 to 2005.

Beck Yukio Tanaka

Summary of the anime beck:

Yukio Tanaka, 14 years old, sometimes called “Koyuki” hasn’t done anything with his life and he knows it. “If it keeps on going on like that, I’ll die before anything happens to me.” Fortunately, he will soon meet Ryusuke, a strange americano-japanese guitar genius teenager, with lots of charisma. Realizing this opportunity, Koyuki will start learning about rock music and practicing the guitar. But the road to fame is full of bumps and holes and Koyuki is going to learn it the hard way.

Beck Tanaka Yukio

My opinion on the anime beck:

If you like rock and mangas, stop reading this immediately and go read the manga or watch the anime. If not, well beck is a good quality manga, it takes its time to build up a real story and will actually make you want to start learning to play the guitar. Everytime I watch it I have to get mine and learn a few songs or I will not feel right.

This manga was one of the first to tell about rock in Japan. There is a wild west atmosphere all along the manga that I also loved. The music was made by a real japanese band who sings in japanese and an approximate english, but it’s all right. You might be disappointed a bit by Koyuki’s voice, supposedly incredible in the manga if you read it.