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Anime review of Kimi Ni Todoke

Anime review of Kimi Ni Todoke
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Kimi ni Todoke is a shoujo manga written by Karuho Shiina in 2006. It has been adapted into an anime by Production I.G. It has also been adapted into light novels, a live action film and two video games on Nintendo DS

Summary of the anime Kimi Ni Todoke:

Kimi Ni Todoke follows the story of Sawako, a lonely high school girl. She did not intentionally try to be lonely, but it does not really bother her anyway. She is actually a bit naïve, and does not realize that everyone is avoiding her because they think she is cursed. Hence her sobriquet: Sawako, the haunting girl of the movie The Ring. But she is slowly going to start meeting different people who are going to help her make friends and get integrated.

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My opinion on the anime Kimi Ni Todoke:

Sawako is quite refreshing in this brutal world, and I’m still not tired of her candour and her expressions. Though, as in many slice of life animes, I find that the story is going slowly and round and round… But, what do you want, they are almost all like this… Graphically, I have known worse and better. The music is also incredibly average. To sum up, I would say it is nice to watch if you want to discover something new and relaxing.