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Anime review of Major

Anime review of Major
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Major is a 78 volumes manga written by Takuya Mitsuda. It has been adapted into an anime from 2004 to 2010, with six seasons produced by NHK. The manga restarted in 2015 under the name Major 2nd. A movie has also been produced in 2008 by Shogakugan-Shueisha studios.

Summary of the anime Major:

Goro is five years old and dreams about one thing only: becoming a baseball professional and joining his father at the Blue Oceans team. His mother died when he was only two ans his father thinks about remarrying. But difficulties are going to pile up one after another and we will rejoin Goro three years later, more determined than ever.

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My opinion on the anime Major:

I’m sure this anime must have qualities. I simply do not see them. Is it at the same level as pokemon ? It is hard to compare. Both have pros and cons but not in the same fields. Maybe the bridge from manga to anime did not work well for this anime, or even its type, or maybe I am simply too old to enjoy it. This anime simply groups every possible shounen clichés together. It uses easy themes, which is not wrong in any way when well done, but in this case it is without any profoundness at all. It seems it does not teach anything else than having to excel at something. The problem is that it does so in a manner so ridiculous that it does not have an ounce of credibility. Every episode will be about the so-called “mind-control on body” that allows the hero to suddenly become better and win every time. Characters have little if no personality. The script is no better, as the hero goal is to win, win, win and get into major league, and win. I do not like to be harsh but it is hard to find qualities for this anime.